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Friday Friday Wine Class Every First Friday of the Month!

Learn about wine from our incredible winemaking team, Ryan Sidoti and Kurt Guba. Wine Club members save $10! Join the Wine Club to take advantage of this exclusive member price!

Winemaker's Notes

Winemaker Ryan Sidoti shares the winemaking process with us every month, along with other fun tidbits around the winery. Learn more about winemaking with a Beyond the Glass Wine Tasting & Tour!

Harvest Update

September 21, 2023

Last weekend we completed our first harvest. We picked Pinot Noir for sparkling wine. This is also called “green harvest” since we pick the grapes earlier than we would for red wine. They’re pressed while clustered to minimize skin contact and color. White wine out of red grapes!

Grapes at Freedom Run Winery

September 2023 Wine Club - Update

August 2023

We’re preparing to release our September 2023 wine club shipment. The four wines are: 


2018 Pinot Noir - A blend from all 4 of our vineyards and the first time this has been included in a Wine Club release.


2022 Riesling - JUST released! Our latest vintage of Riesling. This one is more dry than the 2021, with only a hint of sweetness, and early impressions in the tasting room are very positive.


Haven - Also recently released. This is our ruby port style dessert wine made from estate grown grapes.


2020 Pinot Noir Stone House Vineyard - This is an Underground Club EXCLUSIVE wine. The only way to get this is by being a member. 2020 was an excellent year in the vineyard and we selected the best barrel to showcase it. It’s very limited and it also recently got 90 points in Wine Enthusiast. Here’s the LINK for more on that.


We’re continuing to feature local artists with the club and that 2020 Pinot was painted on by Cassie Elsaesser.

Wine Club Release

Vineyard Update

August 2023

The grapes are going through version this week. This is when the grapes begin to change color as they ripen. The sugar inside them will now begin to increase as the acid slowly drops. We’ll be monitoring this as the weeks go on until they reach the optimal point and that’s when we harvest. We also begin to leaf-pull at this stage, which is where we remove the leaves in the fruiting zone to encourage more airflow around the clusters. This will help keep them dry and lessen the likelihood of mildews.

Grapes at Freedom Run Winery
Barrels at Freedom Run Winery

Production Update

August 2023

I’ve recently decided on blends and gotten the 2021 Cabernet Franc racked out of barrel and into tank. After proper settling it’ll be filtered and bottled. Hoping to have it available in the Tasting Room by this Fall along with the next bottling of Chardonnay and Black Currant (no guarantees on this though as it depends on cold stability). 

Apple Update

August 2023

The apples have also changed color and are looking nearly ready to eat. They’re still too tart, but they’ll only get sweeter and we’ll be ready for U-Pick. The season begins September 16 and we'll be donating a percentage of proceeds to local schools for the second year in a row. Register your school and RSVP to pick apples today!

Flowers at Freedom Run Winery

Garden Update

August 2023

I walked through the garden this morning and saw a couple butterflies and snapped a few photos. Katie is also trying to keep some bouquets and tussie mussies available for purchase in the tasting room.  Check out our U-Pick Bouquet event on September 17 here!

Flowers at Freedom Run Winery
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