Private Barrel Club

With Freedom Run Winery’s exclusive Barrel Club Program, wine making just got personal. Our Barrel Club members have unprecedented access to our winery and enjoy a hands-on wine making experience, from harvest through the bottling process. Members can purchase as much as an entire barrel (which makes 300 bottles of wine) or as little as one-eighth (which makes 36 bottles). From families and groups to individual wine enthusiasts, we’ve got everyone covered.


What’s unique about Freedom Run’s Barrel Club is that it allows members to take part in every step of the wine making process, from harvesting, crushing and pressing to racking, filtering and bottling. Members even have the choice of whether to age in French Oak or stainless steel – or whether to create a blend from different barrels and grape varietals. What remains constant: our winemaker and staff will be there every step of the way, providing expert advice and thoughtful suggestions to make sure you end up with the wine of your dreams. But while our Barrel Club Program encourages a fully hands-on experience, each member’s participation is totally decided by he or she. We understand your schedule may ultimately prevent you from taking part in every step. In that case, our wine making staff will be here to follow your requests in making your wine. The program also includes special events exclusive to members; you will be able to taste barrel samples to check the progress of your wine, but you’ll also taste Freedom Run wines long before theyare available to the public.

Our Barrel Club Members have the choice of six estate grown grapes from which to make wine. Our reds include our Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Our whites include Riesling, which can be made sweet or dry in style, and Chardonnay. We have also opened this program to our sweet wines like Niagara. In this case you can participate in the wine making process and receive a wine that has already been bottled. 

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